Stop the Alt Right Libel Campaign Against Stockton University Professor Adam Miyashiro

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Thanks to all who supported and helped promote this petition. What follows is a statement from Professor Adam Miyashiro: As this petition is about to close, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for signing this petition (nearly 1700 of you signed!). I am now fine and the main threat has passed. My colleagues and comrades on campus, nationally, and internationally, current and former students, and the many activists and labor organizers who are all involved in the fight against white supremacy lifted me up when I felt the most vulnerable. This petition has been sent to my administrators and they have taken steps to ensure not only my safety, but the safety of students, staff, and faculty on my campus. The Identity Evropa posters that I called attention to (via amazing student activists), and the harassing and threatening messages I received as a result, sparked not only a campus-wide conversation of the presence of white supremacists on our campus, but prompted policy and procedural changes that are currently being implemented in the spirit of shared governance. After a meeting with my dean, the university’s general counsel, our union Vice-President, my department chair, and our chief of police — all of whom are women — immediate steps were taken to ensure my safety and gave me support regardless of our political differences. The public pressure from this petition by the Campus Antifascist Network ensured that my university’s administration would adhere to the letter of the AAUP’s 1940 statement on academic freedom and tenure. Perhaps as an exception, rather than the rule, my university responded more positively than others, and I believe that’s because we have a strong faculty and professional staff union on our campus. But we should all keep applying pressure on university administrators in these trying times. Thank you and keep up the fight! In solidarity. — Adam Miyashiro Again, CAN joins Professor Miyashiro in thanking each and every one of you, and in continuing the fight against fascism!

Campus Antifascist Network
5 years ago