Revoke Kyle Kashuv's Harvard Acceptance

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Kyle Kashuv BUSTED using N-Word more than 50 times and Joking About the Holocaust 

Kyle Kashuv rose to prominence after boasting of being at school during the Parkland School shooting, and has since used his platform to support Donald Trump, the NRA and other right wing causes. 

Recently, it was revealed that Kyle Kashuv frequently used the N-Word to describe black Americans; in one text calling them "N**ger Jocks". In a school paper that Kyle helped write, he's admitted to using the N-Word more than 50 times while also writing horrific statements that seemed to makes joked about the Holocaust. 

Harvard MUST rescind their acceptance of Kyle Kashuv at once! Harvard must show that bigots like Kyle Kashuv have NO PLACE on our campus.