SAVE and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for Miss Worcester's already ICONIC Harley Davidson Sign!

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Show your support for Miss Worcester herself, Miss Kim Kniskern, and her already iconic, painted by local artist Mr. Tony Freitas, air conditioning duct  with the chrome like -flaming Harley Davidson sign in honor and reverence to the great, iconic Harley Davidson Corporation that the Miss Worcester Diner (WLC # 812: 1948), her customers, her community - support, promote and love day after day, year after year at 302 Southbridge St. in Worcester, MA. 

Harley-Davidson, while highly respected, is being incredibly short sighted in this matter recently sending Miss Kniskern a "cease and desist" letter with regard to removing the sign instead of seeing the true value and reverence of the sign that is actually in historical honor and reverence to the Harley-Davidson Co on this historical diner. People come from all around to take pictures in front of this Worcester treasure with the "already iconic" and much loved flaming HD sign. With the changes coming to Worcester in that area, HD doesn't realize the value of this type of historical promotion of love - love for Worcester - love for the Miss Worcester Diner, and love for the motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson since 1903. This is for and in tribute to THEM!

What Harley-Davidson fails to understand wholly is that the Miss Worcester Diner, historical landmark and woman owned business in Worcester, is showing support for Harley-Davidson and her customers come from all over to enjoy the heritage that IS the Miss Worcester Diner and their fondness and love for the motorcycle's, made by Harley-Davidson, also a historical USA company. Miss Kniskern is heart broken at the thought that her artistic tribute of love would be misconstrued as anything otherwise and would love to be allowed to keep this tribute of love on the duct as is.

By signing this petition, you are asking Harley-Davidson Corporation to reconsider the removal request and instead appreciate and support the Miss Worcester Diner, her customers, the community, and the motorcycle community. Please let the Miss Worcester diner keep this great, newly iconic and revered, sign for years, decades and GENERATIONS of Miss Worcester Harley Lovers to come! Thank you!