Warwick/Framus - give Henning Pauly (EytschPi42) back his rights over Guitcon!

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GuitCon 2017 was Henning Pauly's baby. His ideas, his hard work, his contacts, his friends, and partly his money. He invested two years of his life and soul into making it work, not to make money from it (he didn't), but because it was the right thing to do.

Now, we, the wider YouTube guitar community, hear that just one week later, Hans-Peter Wilfer trademarked the GuitCon name (which was originated by Henning!), and that he has now forced Henning to quit on the basis that he wants to push ahead with organising the 2018 event without Henning, exploiting the knowledge, experience and contacts that he gained only because of Henning's hard work, good humour and open-ness. This is what is officially known in business as "a dick move".

The community will not be fooled so easily. Our loyalty is to Henning for creating such a wonderful event, and we are prepared to boycott both Warwick/Framus and any "GuitCon" organised without him. Give him back the GuitCon name, agree not to organise a competing event, and issue a full public apology.

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