Change Winnacunnet High Schools Logo Back

Change Winnacunnet High Schools Logo Back

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DJ Sciacca started this petition to Hampton School Board

I am a lifelong Hampton resident entering into my first year (Freshman) at Winnacunnet High School.  I am a student athlete, hoping to participate in 3 different sports during the school year and have a high regard for my academics.

I would like the opportunity to address the recent changes that are affecting my school, my peers and my community as this new ban on the Winnacunnet Warriors logo has come into effect and how we got there and where are going or how far we will go.

What Happened?

What happened to the Winnacunnet Warriors Logo? 

So as we enter into the new school year, just now am I and my peers finding out that we are no longer allowed to use anything associated with Native Americans as a logo, this includes an Indian profile/headdress, arrows, feathers, and even a pine tree.  

Dismayed, I did some research, Seacoast Online had an article stating the movement to change the logo was under the radar and not backed by that many people, it was a small movement of former Winnacunnet students and a few Native Americans who have been trying to get rid of the logo for years. After multiple unsuccessful attempts the movement finally gained a little traction. The reason behind the logo change was because of a petition with only about 3700 signatures and 1700 opposing signatures. 

These petitions were done during Covid, the student body, like most of us, locked down and quarantined. There was no open discussion or meeting to hear everyone’s viewpoint. It seemed like the entire process had an extremely short window and obviously came at a bad time. This could be the reason for such a small amount of participation.

Only 5400 signatures? That does not or can not represent the current student body, alumni, and the 5 communities that all share the High School.  And there could have been more input gathered from local Native Americans.




Why are we spending the time, resources and money to change these historic school logos?

In 1957, Winnacunnet High School was founded, the school’s “mascot” - Warriors and logos were created.

Winnacunnet is a Pennacook word meaning “Beautiful land of the pine” and it honors the village settlement of the Wompanoag tribe of the Abenaki that once thrived on the same land we call hometown.  

“Winnacunnet Warriors” is a reflection of our town’s history and honors the town's indigenous people. These original Winnacunnet “Warriors”  -  against all odds, facing invading colonists, looking to take their land, dismantle their communities, and forcibly change their spiritual beliefs; banded together, resisted change and fought bravely for their land and way of life. These resistance fighters reflected courage, teamwork and resolve. The term “Warrior” and their symbols, like an arrow or feathered headdress, exemplify characteristics of struggle and bravery. 

These characteristics have easily transferred and fostered with school pride, athletic teams and any other school team/pride programs where students come together to compete, share common goals and spirit. 

Deb Picucci, class of 1980 said she is part Cherokee and does not find the logo offensive. She said she has spoken to other Native American alumni who feel the same. Deb Picucci also stated “I think assuming indigenous people are offended by the depiction of their people being used as a mascot is presumptuous,” Picucci said. “A warrior is proud, brave, strong and free. I am proud to be a WHS Warrior alum, and I never saw that Indian statue as anything other than a proud depiction of the people we were representing. 

The school board didn't even bother listening to the majority of Native Americans in the area either. Seacoast online claimed most Native Amercians in the area feel logos and mascots showing their history are not degrading, but complementary to their nations, and have shown their past history correctly. They are upset with recent demands to change their name and weaken their history by removing names, logos, and mascots.

There seems to be a real disconnect on what's offensive.  Does the word  Warrior and a symbol like an arrowhead  represent an offensive narrative or a depiction of characteristics? 


What’s Next?

What’s next after changing and banning the High School logos?  

Are we going to erase the mascot name of Warrior?  And why?   Or more importantly how would we come to that decision?

Since we have already made a decision based on a small percent of the total Winnacunnet Community.  We should refrain from spending any more valuable school resources, money and time with a proper plan to communicate and process all those interested parties.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!