Save Shaw's Bird Park

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Shaw's Bird Park is 7ha of beautifully paved bird park that is home to well over 500 native trees and multiple varieties of birds.  Murray and Margaret bought this property when it was a gully full of blackberry and gorse and now it is a wonderful breeding ground for birds.  They breed Mandarin, Carolina and NZ Grey Teal ducks.

The East/West arterial road is proposed to go straight through the property and within 1.9 meters of our house.  We have lived on this property 30 years and now the council have decide to put a road right through our hard work when there are less invasive and cheaper options.  By moving the plan less 900 meters south it can go through farmland instead of carving up the bird park and would save hundreds of trees being removed (many of which are native). 

In order to proceed with their current plan the Hamilton City Council will need to fill the lakes, remove the trees, destroy the aviary's and wild birds, bats and fish homes.  They will also need to build either 2 multi million dollar viaducts or one large one to span the Mangakotukutuku gully.  There are much better options available that are at a significantly lower cost to the ratepayers of Hamilton and don't involve destroying our homes and the birds habitats.

You can see the work that has been done on this unique slice of paradise on Facebook here