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Halal meats and slaughtering in Australia: Ban it in Australia

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The national halal standard requires most abattoirs to stun the animals before their throat is cut, but several have been given approval to kill animals without stunning.
Australian Standards
Standard operating procedures to prevent risks to animal welfare.
Design and maintenance of facilities and equipment to ensure minimal interference or stress to livestock.
All staff required to handle livestock are competent.
Livestock that are weak, ill or injured are identified and promptly treated.
Livestock are managed to minimise stress and injuries.
Restraint, stunning and slaughter procedures are carried out humanely and effectively.
Halal Standards
increased restraint
injury caused by the slaughter methods subsequent bleeding out.
this is considered illegal in our country, but is slipping through the cracks.
This is also considered ANIMAL CRUEL, non stunning of animal before slaughter is barbaric.

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