To address the speed limit and traffic calming of western drive BARGOED.

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I have lived on western drive Bargoed for four years now. I live on what I would call a country road with fields opposite my house. In the last four years alone 4 cats have been killed by speeding cars. Two sheep.  A bus has over turned and a car was on its roof. And three hedgehogs. There are no continuous pavements up here and just over the brow of the hill is a secondary school. We need either road humps or alternate rights  of way going down the hill. The speeds some of these cars go is over 100 miles an hour. There are no speed signs. There are no livestock signs either. Or school warning signs for that matter. Animals and children are not safe. I was told a petition was started over 15 years ago and the reason it was denied was because of the emergency services. Well I can truthfully say in the time I’ve been here there’s been 2 fire engines 2 ambulances and a helicopter. In four years. That’s not enough reason anymore for the death of our pets. And the accidents caused by speeding. 

Two of the cats were mine. Maisie and Alfie. I witnessed Alfie’s accident. He wasn’t even in the road. He was in the grass verge and the car went past so fast it sucked him out the verge and spun him over and broke his back. The driver would of seen this out his rear view mirror. But did not stop. I have ptsd now. And today another victim. Her name is Luna. Hit in the road. It’s heartbreaking. 

these are a further 5 cats who have lost their lives on this road. They are Kitty, Oscar, Poppet, Tigger and Cocoa. And a dog Missy