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Save Puzzle & Dragons EU!

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Puzzle & Dragons EU – NA/EU Server Merge Petition

  •  After more than 4 years of Puzzling and Dragoning, the EU server is to be abandoned and shut down in Jan 2018.
  • While it seems we cannot make the raw numbers work to have GungHo stay committed to EU, we’re a stable, enthusiastic and dynamic community and seek for a way that allows us to continue to play.
  • Therefore, we ask for YOUR support for an NA/EU SERVER MERGE.

Who we are and what we do? AKA – Why am I reading this?

The EU server for Puzzle & Dragons was launched on October 9th, 2013, just under a year after the launch of the NA server.

Whether for reasons of lack of Android support, or no similar platforms that JP and NA enjoy, EU never grew beyond a following of few thousand players, based on how many crowns were awarded on each ranking dungeon.

That should, however, not belie the dedication of the player base that EU enjoys, including our own whales and mackerels. Many of us have invested a lot of time, energy, lifeblood and, of course, money, into the game over the past 3-4 years, a time within which some of our players became parents, some moved around the globe or decided to leave the European Union (#Brexit, but that won’t stop us being Europeans).

There is a flourishing EU section on the Puzzle & Dragons forum,  and we have a vivid community in Discord with 500 active and engaged members. We like to help each other, share achievements, beat dungeons together, stream occasionally on Twitch and even host our own PAD EU related competitions, e.g.

  1. Our “PAD Haiku” competition 
  2. Our “First 15 monster box” competition
  3. Our “150 secs Time Attack” competition
  4. And here is one of the winning entries for our “Art competition (Credit: rMagic@PF)

What do we want? AKA – Why am I still reading this?

We would like to be given an opportunity to continue to play PAD and suggest a server merge with NA before the closure of the EU server on Jan/Feb, 2018.

While we are aware that this inevitably carries some restrictions, e.g. time-zone related, the EU community is highly supportive of such a move and finds it immensely more satisfactory than being forced to retire from the game completely.

We therefore humbly ask for your support of this petition.

What’s in it for you? AKA – Now we’re talking!

Yes, most of us don’t know you.
Yes, most of you don’t know us.
Yes, we’re not in game friends and yes, there’s no reason why you have to care.
BUT – this doesn’t have to stay this way. If you rest, you rust. Everything can change.

We believe this is a real opportunity for a positive change here for the in-game experience. We are convinced that we can have a valuable and significant positive impact for the NA community that can enhance diversity, fun and of course, the puzzling adventure.

While no game lasts forever, we think the fight is worth it. We can be stronger together!

And while we ask for YOUR support here and now, rest assured — should you ever need us — we’ll be there for you and have your back. We’re not afraid to publicly state our commitment to Article 5 (mutual defence commitment):

An attack on ONE is an attack on ALL. 

Thank you for your support!
Merci de votre soutien!
Danke für Eure Unterstützung!
Grazie per il vostro supporto!
Gracias por vuestro apoyo!

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