Scrap/rethink Guernsey’s new waste initiative

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The New Waste initiative brought in by the “States of Guernsey” is a flawed idea and will not work as some people will buy the stickers and some won’t! this is unfair! The “States” say that they will issue fines once they have gone through the unstickered black sacks for evidence! this is unrealistic as who is going to leave there name and address or any evidence in the black sack! this will waste time and money. 

The whole waste management system needs a re-think, I personally am annoyed that we have more charges to pay as in my view we are taxed to the hilt now! but also see the other side of the coin, we need to recycle ♻️ and reduce our waste! so if you have a better idea please contact your deputies.

But for now, please sign this petition to STOP this “Pay as you go scheme” before the island is full of rats and rubbish. Thank you 

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