Guernsey nurses need equal pay for work of equal value

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For too long concerns over nurses pay have been ignored. It isn’t fair that nursing pay is lagging so far behind other public sector professionals on Guernsey and has fallen so dramatically behind comparable pay on Jersey.

We would like The States to address three key issues:

1. Nursing pay. Nurses want a meaningful pay rise that not only keeps up with, but significantly exceeds RPI (cost of living) and
will finally bring them in line with colleagues doing similar work across the States as well as across the health sector, giving pay parity for everyone.

2. Pay, terms and conditions framework. There needs to be a solid framework in place to ensure fairness across the board and to future proof the nursing profession so that a nursing career on Guernsey is seen as an attractive and viable option.

3. Patient care. There needs to be a robust system in place to ensure safe staffing that will enable safe delivery of care without relying on top-up agency nurses and stretching the goodwill of staff to breaking point.

Please stand up for nurses today to ensure that we can all be nursed tomorrow.