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Denbigh Community College is facing closure at the end of this year. 

Posted on Gwrp Llandrillo Menai's website: "The decision to close one of the Denbigh Centres was shared with staff at a meeting on Tuesday 13 March. The current cohort of 93 full time students enrolled in this academic year will not be affected."

They claim that the "current cohort of 93 full time students enrolled in this academic year will not be affected." This is untrue. Many of the students at the college are on their first year of a two year course. Moving to a different campus would have a negative impact on the students. Different campus's have completed different units and have different facilities and equipment. This would be very problematic.

Tutors and staff at Denbigh Campus have suggested ways for GLLM to support the campus every year, but their suggestions have been ignored.

GLLM claim that one of the main factors behind the closure is that the campus is not making them any money. This is an educational institute, not a business. The question we need to ask here is, can we put a price on a child's education and future.

Staff at the Denbigh college have been left in the dark, unaware of what their futures hold. Students are being given two options, relocate and adapt to new tutors, layouts and equipment or just drop out.

Denbigh College runs sessions every week with young people from Ysgol Brondyfryn, the North Wales School for Autism. They learn valuable life skills and new skills.

The college also runs weekly activities for elderly and vulnerable people. This gives them a sense of companionship and community.


The college also has a community cafe. I don't think a lunch time goes by where there is not a full table, or empty chair!!


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