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Save Serial Maharaja Ranjit Singh go off Air.

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Television shows come and go; some capture hearts to live on after they end and some fade away without a second thought. Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh is a television show that captures the hearts and minds of its viewers in multiple novel ways. The show was released on March 2017 as the first show to have and broadcast the reality of Maharaja Ranjit Singhji's history. A viewer could watch on their television and then the kids can learn so many beautiful humanity filled stories. Because of Life Ok's
efforts, we are able to learn so
much from the serial and it's characters. Additionally, and even more importantly, Life Ok's main core lead actor is a Proper Singh 'Damanpreet Singh' which enhances more interests in the history.

The hilarious interactions between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Mehtab Kaur broke down walls and made the experience of watching a television show more exciting than ever. Artistic fans would share their fantastic art to their beloved actors with almost instant gratification. The thrill of it all is something we will always cherish.

The serial is of the overall high quality programming, as well as the aforementioned bond that was formed, the cancellation of it is hurting fans tremendously.The story was not yet complete, literally just the commencement of the serial was a hit and this is just the beginning to be told about the Sikh History . The characters are only beginning to transform. The channel's TRP, being the reason to stop broadcasting the serial within only four months.

As devoted Vo-fans, we implore Life Ok to consider saving the serial. We chose watching the serial because it would allow worldwide exposure of Sikh History which is very important to be told to this world.

Overall, we believe the channel would be great place for the serial to grow as a television show.
The fans below are not ready to let go. Please consider this petition to #DontgooffairMaharajaRanjitSingh.

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