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More Accessible Vegan Food Options

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Make Vegan Options More Accessible

                Although Veganism is a large and growing population, the society remains to overlook them in the food aisles. It isn’t fair to those who choose to live this lifestyle to have to make such a large effort to eat every day. I propose to make Vegan options more accessible everywhere. Not only for the people who are dedicated to this lifestyle but also to appeal to those who are interested in Veganism or would want to try a cruelty-free option for their meal.

                Despite groceries like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods there just aren’t enough options for Vegans. There should be more plant-based options at regular drive-throughs and food chains. Vegans deserve the same amount of attention that the average Westernized humans receive.

                People wonder why America is one the most obese countries in the world. It’s due to the fact of convenience, in the fast food industries. Why is that? Simple, people would eat rather cheap, fake food, and choose the drive-thru option. It’s inexpensive, fast, and keyword CONVIENENT. More people would be more open to the idea and lifestyle of Veganism if cruelty-free options were obtainable.

                With signing this petition, you are advocating a healthier lifestyle, promoting a cruelty-free America. Cruelty-free meaning NO animals were hurt or harmed. My goal is to get more vegan-friendly grocery stores as well as chain restaurants. Please show your support by signing the petition below, the animals will thank you for it!

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