Greyhound should accept responsibility and refund customers

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After numerous sufferings with Greyhound bus company, I am starting this petition. My spouse lives in Tuscaloosa, AL for the last 3 years, and travels to Champaign, IL every 2 months. She has been stranded at different bus stations during those trips, and sometimes I had to rescue her if she was lucky to be within 2-3 hours from Champaign. Other times, she paid hefty cab/shuttle rides out of her pocket. All those connections that were denied accumulated a few hundred dollars on top of the fully paid tickets we bought from Greyhound. Greyhound customer service never refunds a dime. In each of those previous (and current) incidents when my wife suffered because of the bad business policy of Greyhound, most of the fellow passengers also suffered similarly. So, those cases can not qualify for a certain individual's perspective towards Greyhound, or expectations.

When I am writing this petition (Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 7:00 am central time), my wife is waiting at Nashville, TN because the bus driver did not show up on time. The bus has been delayed for several hours. The next, delayed bus will take her to Birmingham, AL, where she will miss her connection to Tuscaloosa, AL because of this delay. Greyhound rescheduled her ride to Tuscaloosa for MONDAY, a day after she arrives in Birmingham, AL. Greyhound expect us to live in the bus station for a day for a delay we are not responsible for. They also do not have any respect for passenger's time. I repeat: this is not the first time we are experiencing this. Also please note, a cab ride from Birmingham, AL to Tuscaloosa, AL is between $70-80, depending on what time you are traveling.

In spite of being solely responsible for this delay and all the inconvenience, Greyhound does not give us option to cancel part of a trip with partial refund, no compensation for this inconvenience, or makes any arrangement to accommodate the customer. Usually flight companies provide a lodging voucher, or a full refund if the passenger wants in situations like these.

This bad business policy of Greyhound has to stop. Their customer handling is unacceptable. They have to accept responsibilities of their delays. When we buy a ticket, we have a plan to travel. It is very disturbing how easily Greyhound assumes that everyone would be fine traveling late, as much as a day from when the passenger planned.

If you have not traveled with Greyhound, please do not waste your time with them. We have given Greyhound plenty of chances (4 times per year, for 3 years - a total of 12 round trip tickets from Alabama to Illinois. Only 50% or less of those rides were trouble free. Now we think it was luck.). We are not going to use Greyhound ever.

Please spread this petition and help us raise a voice. Please sign if you agree with what we demanded in this petition.