Greyhound Bus: Take responsibility for unsafe buses and passenger neglect.

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This is one of those horror stories that never ends. It is now August 18th and my bus didnt leave until a day later technically speaking. It was the 10:00pm bus from Boston to Hartford. I've taken Greyhound many times but this felt like I was taken advantage of and neglected. I waited in line for my bus at South Station and YOUR bus driver looked at my mobile ticket and let me on the bus. Turns out she didnt read my ticket and puts me on the 10:00pm to New York City. You have one job.. Reading the tickets and you cant do that? There was an older gentleman working who luckily was double checking tickets and he got me off. I'm thankful that this situation wasn't worse, for I could have been stranded in NYC alone at 2 am. I'm a 4"9 20 year old 125 lb woman and your negligence could have gotten me raped, kidnapped or killed. If that's not a place to step in and take responsibility then I dont know what is. BUT it gets worse and you keep getting more irresponsible. I luckily didnt miss the 10:00pm bus to Hartford because its running late. I am 100% okay with a late bus but you purposely delayed our bus once it came 2.5 hours later to South Station at 12:30 AM the NEXT DAY. All of the 10:00pm people were loaded on to a bus with no information and we were not told that our bus that we paid to be express for, was going to be loaded with Worcester and NYC people too. We could have left at 12am but you chose to overfill our bus and add stops that weren't on my ticket. Isn't that also false advertisement in a way? So now I'm on the bus to Hartford, its too late to catch a bus and its even later because of your lack of management and poor customer service. Again let me reiterate I am a 4"9 woman who could easily be raped, kidnapped or killed on the street of Hartford because you cant get it together. If I didnt have the money for an uber I would be spending the night on the streets. Take responsibility for your actions, hold yourself accountable. I demand a refund for all those affected by Greyhound Lines during the month of August and the August 16th-18th Bus Strike. Our lives and safety are not disposable. 

I know my story could be so much worse. So this needs to stop before someone gets hurt or killed. Then you'll regret it. Please sign my petition and spread the word. This isn't okay.