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Keep Gregson Green - STOP the GregsonGreen Housing Development

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We are a group of residents of Gregson Lane village. We are taking action to stop the building of a huge housing estate in the centre of our village at Daub Hall Lane and Gregson Lane.

In our opinion we are being told things about this scheme in a very partial manner and often being fed misinformation or simply having important issues omitted.  It seems to many people we have spoken to that the village is being railroaded into paying the price for the aspirations of just a few. We are just villagers who love our village and ALL the people in it. We want to protect our lovely rural village and keep it green!

Building a huge housing estate in our fields.

No one wants to lose our precious green landscape. Apart from Cows and Sheep, there are Deer, Foxes, Rabbits, Mice and Voles, Hedgehogs and Squirrels, There are Bats, Tawny Owls, Buzzards and other birds of prey, Pheasant, Lapwings and Curlews. It is a beautiful green haven right in the centre of our village and most of us pass it every day. We need our precious green space for our children and for generations to come. Those who grew up and enjoyed their childhood among these fields are now seeking to deny the pleasure of this green space to others.

To concrete over this green land and put round 70 new houses (numbers vary) will mean around 200 new people, that is around10% of Gregson Lane village population! It will mean around 150 to 200 cars and other vehicles. Most of these homes are being built for established families i.e. 3/4/5 bedrooms and many will have children competing for places in our schools. These fields are actually protected land and ordinarily cannot be built on. The Gregson Green committee have found/created a loophole that they are trying to exploit in order to get a shortcut to a new centre, by linking a housing estate to a community centre.

There is no demand for housing in this area.


Community Centre

We think the huge proposed £1.2 million building is too big and too expensive for the very limited number of people who use it.

There are other avenues and cheaper options that can be explored which would Save our fields AND get the village a new centre. See our web site,  or visit our facebook page Keep Gregson Green.

We want your help

No, you don't have to take part in a demo or a shouting match at a village meeting (the committee have declined many requests to hold a village meeting). We don't even want you to chain yourself to a digger.  

Please sign this online petition on the web site and go on Facebook to indicate your support. It is the smallest of acts that can actually save our village not only from the concrete and bricks but from the fracture that will happen to our community if this goes ahead.

The landowner has promised to stop this happening if the people of our village don't want it. Please take part in our petition, Lets all show them that we DO NOT want our lovely green rural village concreting over.

We don't want to have massive housing estates anywhere in our village. Today it is us who got the letter, tomorrow it could be you. Wherever you live in the village, you still want to belong to a lovely green rural village and not a suburb.

Help us as we will help you. Keep Gregson Green means fighting to keep Gregson Lane village green, every part of our village. Good people are working to protect what we have, help us, join us.

We love our village and we will fight to keep our way of life here.

Lets build our community centre with integrity, we'll all help out and continue with our support.

Most of all Lets Keep Gregson Green!

Bad things happen when good people do nothing!


The Keep Gregson Green Team


The community centre steering group: (those for the building) 

(The Village Community Centre has been painted, repaired and doesn't look as bad as the photo) 


The Keep Gregson Green Team


Say NO to the BUILDING and SUPPORT this PETITION to help stop the proposals.

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