One Medicare rate for psychological care

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Australians living with a mental health condition deserve better Medicare support. When you access psychological care, the amount you get back from Medicare should be the same for seeing any suitably qualified practitioner with rigorous training in mental health care. Research has repeatedly shown that the type of professional degree held by a mental health care professional does not account for differences in therapy outcome. In the current Medicare scheme, there's no difference in the type of disorders they treat, or the severity or complexity of those issues. The types of evidence-based therapies they offer and their effectiveness are generally regarded by the experts as being equivalent. It's your choice to find a Medicare provider you trust for psychological care, yet some patients get less support from Medicare for exactly the same service. Decisions about which practitioner you'd like to see for your mental health care should not be undermined by concerns about gap fees. We call for one standard Medicare rate for psychological care, giving fair and consistent support for all.