Mandatory checking of all change tables installed in public bathrooms

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Two weeks ago we experienced a terrifying incident involving a two year old boy. During a family lunch at the Woolwich Pier Hotel, our friend used the infant change station in the disabled bathroom to change her boy's nappy.

As he lay there, the change station and wall fitting fell away from the wall. The child was dropped to the tiled floor with the change station landing on top of him.

He was rushed to hospital by ambulance and held for observation. He was diagnosed with concussion and his parents have been instructed that whilst they don't believe he sustained any  brain or spinal damage, his full symptoms may not emerge for three months.

In the wake of the incident and our immeasurable relief that Louis is progressing well, we’ve been trying to understand how this could have possibly happened!?!

Don’t the manufacturers/installers or those operating such a public venue monitor the equipment? Doesn’t anyone have a vested interest in ensuring these facilities are safe?

In short; no and no. We have been assured and now reassured neither the owners of the hotel nor the supplier and installer, Davidson Washrooms accept any responsibility for what has happened.

As parents we trust that we can use these facilities safely. It is clear that this is not the case. Restroom owners and their managers believe they are under no obligation to maintain a duty of care.

In 2008 the World Health organisation published the "World report on child injury prevention.”

Within this they stated that:
Every day around the world the lives of more than 2000 families are torn apart by the loss of a child to an unintentional injury or so-called “accident” that could have been prevented. The grief that these families suffer – mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and friends – is immeasurable and often impacts entire communities. Such tragedy can change lives irrevocably.

They identified that:

Ministries of Health can play a central role in prevention, advocacy and research and in the care and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

We are calling on Australia’s Minister for Health - the Hon. Greg Hunt - to make it a legal requirement for restroom owners and managers to check the safety of their change tables on a frequent basis.

Currently certain businesses voluntarily check the safety of the facilities they provide to their patrons. But without a mandatory requirement for them to do so, the majority of the public are exposed to the risk that in most instances their children may be subjected to injury, the risk of permanent disability or even death.

I have started this petition because my wife was in the change room with our friend, her infant and our own child. They are all scared and scarred.
If he were a smaller baby or had landed differently, the outcome would have been every parent's worst nightmare.


Just for the record, the legal minimum these tables hold in weight is 22kg or a max 3.5 year old. The boy is 13.5kgs and 2.3 yrs.