Make Lignocaine patches available on PBS

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Lignocaine patches. Local anaesthetic that numbs the area of pain but doesn't impact your mental state. There is NO risk of addiction.

For some unknown reason, these handy little patches are not available on PBS.

The cheapest I've been able to find is $146.69 for a 30 pack, one month's supply.

The same product is available over the counter as well, $25.45 for a 5 pack. The brand I usually get is called Nervoderm.

With the recent change to remove codeine as an over the counter product, adding Lignocaine patches to PBS and/or partially subsiding the over the counter price would be highly beneficial.

I am currently using Lignocaine patches in addition to my usual pain relief, as opposed to trying something stronger like fentanyl patches. The relief they are providing after only 4 days is amazing. As they are so expensive, I cut one patch into 4 pieces; one on my lower back, one over my uterus, one on each side above my hip bones. The local anaesthetic provides relief from the baseline pain I live with, quite effectively. It's beyond frustrating that the cost is so much higher than if I were to take the easy way out and go for a script of opioids.

When our government are so concerned about opioid use and abuse, why aren't they making a safe product like this readily available?

- Adding lidocaine 5% patches to the PBS would reduce the amount of opioid based scripts dispensed.

- This would reduce the risk of addiction and abuse of medication. 

- Making them available over the counter at a reduced price would reduce doctors visits.

- Lack of side effects compared to standard pain relief options 

It's a win-win situation.

Greg Hunt MP please consider adding lignocaine patches to the PBS!