Stop the Growing Rates of Obesity in Australia

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The issues is that much of Australia’s population is obese. This was not a big deal a while ago as many people could not afford a lot of food. This is starting to become more and more of a problem as people of Australia are starting to eat more and more unhealthily. Risks for obesity are also growing majorly as well.

This issue can really occur any ware in Australia that a food supply. It is more common in urban areas as people have much more access to unhealthy snacks and food. People who live in urbanised usually go to places such as fast food restaurants more often because of their closeness and accessibility.

Obesity is a massive issue in Australia. Our obesity rates have grown over 10% since 1995. If obesity continues to grow at this rate then our population will start to become more and more unhealthy. We do not want to be known as a fat country as our population starts become more and more obese. As a globe we will start to see the devastating effects of obesity, such as not being able to complete certain jobs.

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