Deny SD15 Property Specific Request General Plan Amendment

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We, the undersigned, object to the SD15 Property Specific Request General Plan Amendment.  SD15 is a 69-acre parcel in the unincorporated County adjacent to San Elijo Hills in the City of San Marcos and the County Core preserved lands.  The General Plan Amendment proposes increasing SD15’s maximum density almost six-fold from 61 dwelling units (SR-1) to 362 dwelling units plus commercial density (C-1, SR-0.5, VR-10.9).

We oppose increasing the density of SD15 because it will:

  1. harm the character of our community;
  2. cause a large increase in traffic (an additional 16,231 trips per day, a 27-fold increase);
  3. further impede emergency evacuation (gridlock for an hour or more in the 2014 Cocos fire);
  4. decrease community access to emergency services;
  5. cause damage to Copper Creek, Escondido Creek and San Elijo Lagoon;
  6. destroy a habitat corridor/connector and harm neighboring preserved lands in the County Core;
  7. be treated more leniently than its neighbors (this property will have 52.5 times the density of its neighbors in the County); and
  8. be located adjacent to the closed San Marcos landfill and this may cause health harms to future residents.

Please deny the SD15 General Plan Amendment.