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Set Land Aside Specifically for Beekeeping

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The pesticides that are being used in the state of Texas are causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CDD), causing the amount of working bees to be decreased at a very scary rate. We are trying to raise awareness of the problem, by proposing the idea of setting away about 13,500 square miles of land (5% of Texas's area) specifically to beekeeping and making sure that pesticides do not harm these areas. Everyone, whether they live in Texas or not, can sign this petition to make a difference in this beautiful state. This change would allow the number of bees to increase, allowing more fruits to be grown and ultimately helping the economy of Texas and the farmers that live here. This cause is important to me because if bees do go extinct, humans will follow in their footsteps, due to the reliance we have on them for our food sources.

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