Skateboard Area: Consult Park Users Before Putting it in Charlton Park

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Skateboard Area: Consult Park Users Before Putting it in Charlton Park

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Friends of Charlton Park started this petition to Greenwich Council

Local residents view Charlton Park as an oasis of calm at the community’s heart. This is threatened if we don’t do something soon about Greenwich Council's plans for our Charlton Park to be the site of a skateboard area.

The council failed to consult residents about locating it in Charlton Park and just told us to choose between three sites in the park. They have failed to carry out a safety and security feasibility study. And they are trying to push the plan through by excluding from their meetings anyone who disagrees with the concept!

We entirely support the need for a skateboarding facility somewhere, especially now the council has sold the existing one in Woolwich to housing developers. We believe the replacement should be where there are suitable facilities and good transport links. And that the the whole community should be given a chance to be involved in final decision on a location.

Charlton Park’s unique character will be ruined if this installation is sited there. The Council must follow planning application processes before their proposal goes ahead so we still have time to get it reviewed - please support this petition calling on Greenwich Council to work with the whole community and fundamentally review its plans.

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The Friends of Charlton Park are a recently formed organisation of local community volunteers. Our aims are: to protect and enhance Charlton Park, it's facilities and amenities; to ensure the park is open and accessible to all members of the community; to work with other community groups, organisations and businesses.
We came together due to concerns about proposals for developments in the park that would significantly change its character. We want to preserve the good things about Charlton Park and promote activities that are inclusive and make the most of the character and charm that the park posesses.

At the moment there is no formal membership, instead we invite people to get involved and help with our work, or just sign up as a supporter.

Currently the organisation is steered by
Sally Bennett, Barney Close SE7
Geoff Cooper, SE7
Hilary and Terry Graham, SE7
Joy Ogden, Elliscombe Road SE7
Michael Laurecourt, c/o Old Cottage Coffee Shop, SE7
Frank Salmon, Canberra Road SE7
John Tidy, Elliscombe Road SE7

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This petition had 36 supporters

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