Allow Mini Pigs as Pets in Greenville, NC

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Sec. 12-2-24 (A) of Greenville, NC Code of Ordinances states, "It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any hogs or pigs within the city limits." I am petitioning to have this ordinance amended to make an exception that allows domesticated Miniature Pigs to live as indoor pets within Greenville's city limits.

Miniature Potbellied Pigs were first introduced in the US in the 1980's, and have been growing in popularity ever since. Miniature Pigs' weights when full-grown vary greatly, and can be anywhere from 35-150+ lbs. However, their stature is usually comparable to a medium-sized dog. Miniature Pigs are ideal pets for some individuals and families because they are very intelligent (3rd smartest animal behind primates and dolphins/whales), highly trainable, hypoallergenic, and form strong emotional bonds with their owners. Miniature Pigs can be potty-trained to go outside or in a litter box, and can learn tricks and be leash-trained just like a dog. Despite popular myth, pigs are very clean animals and cannot carry fleas or ticks due having bristles instead of fur. Studies have shown that pigs are intelligent, emotional, and cognitively complex creatures. Some mini pigs are even used as Therapy Animals and visit schools, hospitals, and nursing homes as volunteers providing therapy and companionship.

The city of Greenville, NC currently bans all pigs inside its city limits, and does not recognize the distinct difference between Miniature Pigs and the much larger farming pigs bred for consumption. The city of Greenville even allows citizens to apply for special permits to own and keep a "wild, exotic, dangerous or nondomestic animal or reptile" (Sec. 12-2-15) within city limits, but offer no such permit option for Miniature Pigs. Many cities in North Carolina and across the US have already voted to amend city ordinances to allow mini pigs as pets within city limits. Raleigh, Durham, Concord, Rocky Mount, New Bern, and Atlantic Beach are among the many cities in North Carolina who now have ordinances in place allowing Miniature Pigs to dwell within their city limits. We believe that our citizens have the right to make their own informed decision whether or not they would like to have a Miniature Pig as a part of their family. Miniature Pigs are, and always have been, beloved domesticated pets and NOT livestock or farm animals. They are not bred for consumption or farm use, they are only bred to be pets. Please sign this petition to show your support for amending Sec. 12-2-24 (A) and allowing Miniature Pigs to be kept as indoor family pets in the city of Greenville!

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