The Healthy Planet Initiative

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For years, corporations have been polluting the world completely unpunished by the people. Just 100 corporations since 1988 have created 70% of emissions and they must be stopped. Emissions are very dangerous for the planet for many reasons including the extinction of species around the world, global warming. Despite these reasons, investors are still backing these dangerous companies.

    Global emissions matters because emissions are going to risk extinction to some species and increase the temperature and also leave certain places because of the carbon emissions. Emissions affect the extinction of species as shown in a ´The Guardian´ article by Tess Riley about global emissions when it states ¨This is likely to have catastrophic consequences including substantial species extinction and global food scarcity risks¨ (The Guardian). Emissions are also detrimental to the climate as shown in ´The Guardian´ article when it states ¨global average temperatures would be on course to rise by 4C by the end of the century¨ (The Guardian). These two examples show how global emissions are detrimental to animals and the planet as a whole sparking extinction and global warming.

   As stated before, Global emissions are a very large and dangerous problem. Despite this, the major companies that are polluting the planet still are being backed by investors. This is shown in our source when it says ¨ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Chevron are identified as among the highest emitting investor-owned companies since 1988¨(The Guardian). This quote shows how investors are in support of these pollution causing companies despite them damaging the planet.

We need to stop the corporations and create awareness for the atrocities that they have committed because this is detrimental to the whole world. This is further supported in our source article when it states “Not only is it morally risky but also economically risky¨ (The Guardian).

We can also stop the global emissions by making


  • ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Chevron are considered as among the highest coal users in the world.
  • A Carbon Tracker study in 2015 found that fossil fuel companies risked wasting more than $2tn over the coming decade by pursuing coal, oil and gas projects that could be worthless in the face of international action on climate change and advances in renewables – in turn posing substantial threats to investor returns.
  • a significant responsibility on those investors to engage with carbon majors and urge them to disclose climate risk.
  • A fifth of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions is backed by public investment.
  • There is a “growing wave of companies that are acting in the opposite manner to the companies in this report,” says Brune. Nearly 100 companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Ikea have committed to 100% renewable power under the RE100 initiative. Volvo recently announced that all its cars would be electric or hybrid from 2019.

    1 China (Coal)  14.32%
    2 Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco)  4.50%
    3 Gazprom OAO  3.91%
    4 National Iranian Oil Co  2.28%
    5 ExxonMobil Corp  1.98%
    6 Coal India  1.87%
    7 Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)  1.87%
    8 Russia (Coal)  1.86%
    9 Royal Dutch Shell PLC  1.67%
    10 China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC)  1.56%