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Save the Bees, Save the World

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Ever since 2005, the people of the world have become more aware of the loss of bees in our delicate ecosystem. 

Worldwide, Honey Bees are responsible for about 80% of all pollination. 70/100 of humanity's top crops rely on bees to pollinate them. 

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has led to a 60% reduction of colonies in the US from 1947 - 2008.

What is the cause of CCD? Humans can be attributed nearly all responsibility for this issue. From pesticides, air pollution, and global warming, it can all be traced back to humanity.

If we do not take initiative to save the bees, then we will continue to lose colonies worldwide. Soon there will not be enough bees to pollinate the crops which billions of people rely on for nearly 90% of the world's nutrition.

This issue does NOT only affect one person, state, or country. The loss of bees every year adds up and can ultimately affect the whole world's food supply.

Some things YOU can do: better regulate your use of pesticides; allow some of your garden to go to seed after harvest.

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