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Be the Solution to Ocean Pollution

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Plastic is the most common pollutant found in our oceans. It causes harm to the environment because it does not break down easily and is often mistaken for food by marine life.Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year. Nearly three thousands dolphins and porpoises dies each year from consuming or being entangled in ocean pollution. In addition, one million marine mammals are killed each year as a result of pollution.

Run-off from agriculture and production facilities are a major contributor to ocean pollution. Sewage run-off leads to decomposition of organic matter which affects marine biodiversity. Fertilizer that is dumped in oceanic waters creates eutrophication and allows for algae to bloom and depletes the oxygen content of the water. Small animals at the bottom of the food change are most likely to absorb these chemicals. These small marine creatures are then eat and the chemicals work their way up through the food chain, contaminating our marine food sources as well. 

We need to prevent these major sources of pollution from completely ruining our oceans. Marine life is vital in many parts of the world. This world deserves better. Who knows how long the problem will continue to worsen and at what point will we have completely destroyed our oceans beyond repair. 

Our mission is to clean up the oceans from pollution, especially plastic pollution, by C.P.R, clean up, prevention, and reduction of waste. Prevention of ocean dumping, oil leakage, and other forms of polluting the ocean. Clean up of current ocean pollution such as the trash gyres and polluted beaches. Lastly, by reducing our waste there would be less pollution in general and in our ocean. 


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