Country of Origin Bill NZ

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Consumers have a right to know about the animal welfare and safety of the food they are purchasing. Honest food labelling will help you support your local economy because you will have the knowledge and means to know if you are purchasing locally made food products. Currently it is not compulsory for food producers to label their country of origin which is interesting because it is compulsory to do this for clothes and shoes. Consumers like you have the right to know where their food comes from and under what conditions it was processed.  

The bill will "provide a mandatory labelling system that provides consumers with accurate information about the country of origin of ‘single component’ foods to enable them to make informed food purchasing decisions."

For example, products that are labelled ‘free range’ do not necessarily mean the animals were all under the same conditions - at the moment there is no standard definition for labeling food products as free range which results in unwanted and confusing variation between producers.

With the Country of Origin Bill you will know the country or place where the product was grown and harvested. According to the current summary of the bill, information such as the definition of foods, what it means for a food to be "minimally processed" will be required to be disclosed on the packaging.



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