Worried about the world in which your children must grow up? If you are, you can help.

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Our children will grow up in a world that is visibly changing from the one we know. Time is short and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Humanity must change the way we think – how we treat each other, the environment and everything within it. We must do this quickly - we must do this now. It is crucial that these lessons are learned early in life, while young minds are still open to ideas and change, to help our children become responsible adults, who will respect our world and all it contains. Caring for Life is a primary school education course, developed from UNESCO's Four Pillars of Education, by an international curriculum specialist and is a foundation course in Learning to Live Together. It deals with sustainability, empathy, compassion, animal welfare, the environment and the interdependence of all living things – the “Web of Life”.
This course is being taught across the world.  But not here - in Greece. 

Please - sign our petition to support our efforts in making Caring for Life part of the Greek curriculum in primary school education, to prepare our children for a better life and a brighter future.

We can’t carry on the way we are – it will cost our children the Earth.
Link to short presentation of CFL