Justice for paul massey

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My father paul massey 55 was shot dead on 26th july 2015 outside his home addrress in clifton. He was gunned down by a lone gunman who fled the scene and no arrest have yet been made for my father murder. On the 27th may 2015 8 weeks prior to my father murder GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE received intelligence that my father life was in danger through police intelligence sources. GMP was ordered to issue my father with a threat to life warning (OSMANS WARNING) but GMP failed to performed the correct duties of the THREAT TO LIFE WARNING and of its delivery. This THREAT TO LIFE WARNING was never given to my father by GMP and no contact was ever made between my father paul massey and GMP no sigintures or wording of the warning was ever made by GMP to my father. My father paul massey is now dead and i want answers and justice for my father as GMP failed my father in hes duty of care that day as they failed to ensure my father knew hes life was in danger 8 weeks before he was murdered. My father would of took this THREAT TO LIFE WARNING very seriously and would of ensured he protected himself, hes children and hes grandchildren please WILL YOU HELP ME AND MY FAMILY get the answer we need off GMP to why my father wasent issued this warning. As we the public rely on the police to protect us and our familys. So why did they not protect my father and my family on that day. I believe this was a PREVENTABLE MURDER and if GMP did perform the correct procedures and there duties on that day. Then Myself and my family do know and do believe that my father would of still be alive today if these procedures were correctly performed.