Get GNR to reinstate the 8:58 Train from Ely to Cambridge or make the 8:45 off peak

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For years I have been catching the 8:58 train from Ely in to Cambridge. This is an off peak train, that I am allowed to take my bike on with me. However, from May, Great Northern Rail are changing their timetable, so that the popular 8:58 will no longer exist. Instead, commuters can buy a peak ticket for the 8:45 train (a price increase of nearly £30 a month) or they can catch the new off-peak 9:17, which would see most people getting into work at nearly 10am, a situation that many employers may not tolerate. Oh, and of course you're not allowed to take a bike on the newly formed 8:45. 

If I want to take my bike with me, I have no choice but to catch the 9:17, but I simply cannot start work so late. I genuinely don't know what I'm going to do at this stage. There are many people who catch the 8:58 train because they work far from the station and need to take their bikes with them to get to work. This decision by GNR, which seems to have happened with no influence from the commuters affected, is going to have a huge negative effect on many people. And this will only get worse as Ely continues to grow. 

So I'm calling on GNR to either bring back the 8:58 train, or make the 8:45 train in to Cambridge an off-peak service.