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Ann Marie Smith was a 54 yo disabled women with Cerebral Palsy. She died in April from septic shock, multiple organ failure, severe pressure sores and malnourishment while in full-time care. Anybody who has any disabilities or a family member with disabilities, knows just how scary it can be. But to believe you will be safe and well looked after just because you are "in" care isn't the case anymore. 

These are care facilities for disabled people but instead of being treated with integrity and care (like the company's name states), they are either treated like criminals or left for dead.   

We finally started to believe Justice for Ann was possible due to Rosemary Maione finally being charged with Manslaughter.

But only to be let out on bail and allowed to babysit her grandchild. Now I personally think that is disgusting. How could they give bail to someone like this! She stole Ann's money, let her sit in her own feaces and mess for a year in the same chair, never once showing any compassion or human decency. 

Now what we NEEDS to be done... This woman should NOT be allowed to step foot in public, she most definitely should NOT be allowed to have anyone in her care and she MOST definitely needs to pay for this horrible crime. Ann Marie Smith will never have her life back, it has been taken in the most cruelest way possible. The least we can do is fight for the rights she should have had and that her KILLER is put away for life. 

If we do not stop this woman now, who knows who will be her next victim will be....

I beg anyone to please sign this petition Ann Marie Smith deserved better and although we can't bring her back, we can make Rosemary Maione pay for what she did.