Raid Urban Naxal Network

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Joint Statement condemning the request of Urban Naxals to release the arrested activists and so called public intellectuals

Dear Modi ji,

Document Referred : List of prominent signatories demanding release of Urban Naxals


In response to the document being circulated online by the so called public intellectuals demanding the release of Breaking India forces, We citizens of India request you to conduct raids and interrogate all the people who have signed the above referred document. Of course, the list of the signatories provides us the idea of how deep rooted the network of Breaking India forces are and how they are using the covers of Journalist, Activist, Environment Savior etc. These people are all upto misleading the public of India and abetting them towards violence and riots. We have had enough of the nonsense with these kind of activists drama over the past 4 years and now we honorably request you to consider this network seriously and conduct raids on all the properties of all the signatories of the above referred document.

Bhaskara Vignesh (Indian Citizen & Nationalist)