Keep SCI Retreat OPEN

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I’m not going to get into a political rant here, or much detail at all. Except, think of those 400 people who will have to pick up and move their lives ? 65+ miles of driving after a 16 hour shift these men and women put in to keep inmates on the inside is a joke!!

We will be one of the family’s who will have to leave our family and relocate closer to another state prison if SCI Retreat closes. Us buying a house and planning our wedding has now been put on hold because we have no idea on how our future will look or where we’ll have to move! Thoughts need to be put into everyone this will hurt, inmates that will be placed in already over populated prisons among so many other safety issues!  

Please follow the page ! Place your comments on the petition and the page to show how you, your community or family will be hurt!

Please, sign to keep our loved ones employed at SCI Retreat so we can all keep our houses and lives as they are. Share!

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Thank you.