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Governor Scott Walker..Justice for Jemeil Garrett...6 years in prison and innocent

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I know that my fiancees case wasn't a made for tv movie, although his case was aired on Fox 9 news it didn't receive vast amounts of media attention. It is very frustrating to feel as though you viewed as just being a number in a system and told multiple times that Wisconsin's judicial system is not on the side of African American men, but in still no one will help. So what do you do when you have no voice and no one will listen? Unfortunately the system is designed for those that have money and those that don't are disregarded. I felt compelled to post this regarding one of the many cases in the state of Wisconsin that involves wrongful activity in that I thought it may help, my fiancees case may not be high profile, but I refuse to remain silent on this any longer. ​I am trying every option to right this wrong and reaching out to anyone that may assist. I contacted the Innocence project, but was told that due to him having a public defender he is not eligible and if he fires her he is not able to obtain a new one due to being in appeal, that's too big of a risk to do that in that they could not guarantee to take his case. I am seeking assistance in behalf of my fiancée, Jemeil Garrett. I can no longer sit still regarding the severe injustice thru the state of Wisconsin that has happened, I have done that for 5 years now. I am beyond frustrated and can't seem to get answers from anyone. I searched pro bono attorneys for prisoner injustice and was given the brush off. I am finding that the law works very well for those that have money, but those that don't suffer, which is our case. Jemeil has been incarcerated at Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, WI for 5 years now for something he was accused of in Kenosha county, but evidence that was never presented in his trial and even a testimony from one of the victims in the crime stating that Jemeil was not the individual involved still some how obtained him a conviction. Let me start from the beginning, On September 12, 2011 Jemeil was picked up in Kenosha, WI by his cousin between 7pm and 9pm and driven to Waukegan, IL for a birthday party for his cousin and his girlfriends daughter. They arrived at the party at around 9pm and remained there for the remainder of the evening, Jemeil fell asleep on the couch until the morning of September 13. There were numerous individuals that could have attested to this information as well, but were never called. At the same time a young lady,  who resides in Kenosha, that he had a previous association with notified the police on this same evening accusing him of coming to her home and beating her as well as another man, that she was sexually involved with and destroying her home. That night as he stated in court, that there were several males occupying the residence at the time of the altercation, but that Jemeil was not one of them​ and that the individual he was fighting was a dark skinned male with dreads, my fiancee is a light skin male with a low haircut​ and that there were several males occupying the residence at the time of the altercation. After this incident occurred she began contacting and seeking out my fiancee wanting to see him. This is how I in turn met her, in that my fiancée and I were just friends at the time. She arrived at his cousins residence to pick him up, taking him out to eat and then spending the night with him at his cousins home that evening. She then continued to contact him via his friends and also staying with him at their homes with him, at no time appearing afraid and carrying on conversation with myself as well as others as if nothing was wrong. All at the same time telling police that she was terrified of him. Once he attempted to end things permanently she began sending messages telling him "if she couldn't have him no one would and she would make sure of it" and numerous other things of that nature, which these messages were all given to the court. Police had put out a warrant for him and he was eventually picked up. Being that at the time he was on probation this in turn was a violation of such. He was appointed a public defender and his revocation hearing began. I as well as many others were called to come and make statements regarding her, picking her out of photos, giving an explanation of the nature of how we knew her and much more, at which time we were told we would be contacted for court, that was 5 years ago and I'm still waiting. They violated him on his probation despite all of our statements and stating in the final decision that we were uncredible, but despite the fact that she lied as they stated they found her statement credible. He then went to court for the charges, which initially were dismissed, but then the next day he was recharged and book under a different case number. At the time of court she got on the stand and said she did not see him, but thought she heard his voice, and that she was sleeping at the time of the incident and some how got hit during the fight. She has also changed her story on more then one occasion regarding the incident which evidence of that is in a YouTube video from a news broadcast as well as a published article prior to his arrest compared to her testimony in court transcripts. One of the eyewitnesses to the incident, a friend, of the victim first stated that she waited to call police in that there were individuals in the home that were on probation and being that there were drugs and alcohol in the home she waited for them to leave before calling the police, showing that she herself is assisting in violating the law for others. At Jemeil’s hearing his attorney never presented any of his evidence as well as did not really fight for him which he stated on record in a recent hearing in October. This case has been tainted from the beginning and that there has never really been any concrete evidence to prove his guilt, nor has anyone really tried to fight to prove his innocence. He filed an appeal and was appointed another attorney she filed a hearing for Improper Council regarding his attorney at trial, that the judge denied the request stating that because they did not bring the witnesses listed at trial that they spoke of, which is not the reason they were there. He has been sitting in Waupun for 5 years now due to his recvocation hearing, which they gave him 14 years (7 in and 7 out) and for the charge that evidence or lack there of shows he is not guilty of, they still sentenced him to another 10 years (5 in and 5 out), with sentences running consecutive rather then concurrent, giving him a release date of 2023 in a maximum security prison. The District Attorney only recommended 6 years (3 in and 3 out) and stated on court record that what the judge imposed was “excessive time for the charge”. If the other charge is removed and justice is served he would be set to leave in 2018, which still makes no sense in that if he is innocent he never violated to begin with and should have never sat in Waupun this entire time. This is why I am coming to you for the obvious injustice that has been placed on this man. I currently reside in Florida and upon his release he is wanting to come here and leave Wisconsin for good. This case truly boils down to a white female and a black male, which most in Kenosha county frown on. Not to mention during trial he was in no way judged by his peers in that it was an all white jury. I am begging you for assistance and help to see that he receives the justice he deserves in this matter and make this wrong right.

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