End puppy mills

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Animals are being killed at an alarming rate in shelters across the Nation yet people still choose to run puppy mills and increase the population that we can't get under control as it is. On top of that many of these puppy mills produce sick, unhealthy and dying puppies that are sold to the general public unsuspectingly. Many of these dogs in these puppy mills are locked in tiny cages that are too small for them with no bottoms. They're not clean. They are unsanitary. They areanot groomed. They have no love. Thankhey have no exercise. These are generally neglected and abusive environments for these breeder dogs. Many of the people running these puppy mills only care about the income that these dogs are providing them. Often times when these dogs are no longer able to breed and produce pups, they're dumped at shelters or dumped on the streets or may even face a worse fate. I think it's time we shut these puppy mills down and focus on finding homes for the many, many dogs that are across the country in shelters needing homes instead of breeding new dogs, unhealthy dogs and creating further tragedy for the families that purchase these dogs and take them home expecting them to have a long life when in all actuality they get exorbitant vet bills trying to keep these pets alive. Puppy mills are based on nothing more than greed. The owners will claim that there main interest is the breed and preserving that when a lot of these puppy mills are breeding "designer dogs" which are nothing  more than mutts that they charge high-dollar for, all to line their pockets. For every puppy that they produce that's another dog that dies in a shelter everyday  unnecessarily.