End Pedophile Nathan Larson's Candidacy

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In 2016, Virginia State Governor, Terry McAuliffe restored the voting rights of over 200,000 felons. Not only did this allow felons to vote for candidates, but if desired they were now able to run too. Although on an individual to individual basis, there are rational reasons a convicted felon can regain their rights, a general law is harmful to the state. 

Help us take down the monster that is Nathan Larson. Mr. Larson, 37 years old of Charlottesville, Virginia is a proud pedophile, rapist and white supremacist. He is running for a 10th district seat of Virginia House of Delegates. As a political candidate, he is a risk in the community to our families and children. It is commonly accepted that political candidates are expected to network and interact with their community. Larson claims to disregard political correctness and considers himself a "neo-reactionary libertarian". However with his aggressive history, hate speech and threats to the White House, he is a direct threat to public safety.

Urge current Governor Ralph Northam to amend reinstating felon's voting rights to exclude violent pedophiles and domestic terrorists from running (even after serving their sentence). These specific class of criminals do not deserve the right to vote or run for public office. BAN LARSON!