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Petitioning Governor Paul LePage and Maine's Department of Health and Human Services

Block raises for Maine's DHHS Child Protective Caseworkers

On August 20th 2012, Governor Paul LePage approved raises for Maine's DHHS child protective caseworkers. All other state workers remain under a pay freeze that started in 2009.

Maine's Child Protective Workers are corrupt, cruel and unjust. They operate behind extreme confidentiality laws, and lie to the people of Maine about what they do. They cover-up abuse that takes place in the foster care system, and over-medicate foster kids on dangerous psychotropic drugs.

Also, this raise is given to a single group of state workers while Governor LePage obsessively cuts benefits to the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich. These cuts include 23,000 poor, elderly and disabled Mainers loosing health insurance through the states health care programs as well as cuts to general assistance programs for the poor and homeless.

Cuts to MaineCare will also eliminate the funding for Family Preservation services so that the children involved with child welfare in Maine will no longer be able to remain safely in their homes, and will instead increase foster care numbers.

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  • Governor Paul LePage and Maine's Department of Health and Human Services

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