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Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Pennsylvania

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Legal Consistency is very important in our society today. If one can go out to the store and purchase huge amounts of alcohol and menthol cigarettes in all 50 states, why shouldn't they be able to do the same for marijuana? Our country can attribute many many lost lives to drugs like alcohol and nicotine -- causing lung cancer, liver failure, heart problems, addicition, and so much more. Marijuana, though, has not caused any of these life threatening issues. The strength of regulation we apply to our actions should most definately be proportionate to their danger.

Not only is marijuana way less harmful then the other legal drugs in America, it shows promise for good medicine. NFL sports players have used marijuana to help them with serious medical issues, and it has proven to aid many other serious things. It can stop pain, mitigates multiple sclerosis and tourette syndrome symptoms, and also can reduce dystonia, among other beneficial effects.

The use of marijuana is generally more safe. The drug in marijuana (THC) is generally not addicitive. Unlike alcohol, nicotine, and things like pain killers. This puts financial ease on users of marijuana. Another reason out of many on why marijuana should be legalized is for the safety of the users. When purchasing marijuana off of the streets (illegally), unsafe actions can be involved, and one would never know what dangerous things could be placed in the marijuana. Recreational legalization creates a framework for a safety control system, which would end the risk that comes from potentially smoking a substance laced with toxi c ingredients.

Help our society, and legalize recreaitonal marijuana in Pennsylvania, along with the other legalizing-states all over our country!

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