Demand for Investigation into Recruitment Corruption at Karnataka Sanskrit University.

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Undermining Samskrit Education by Corruption in Faculty Appointments at Karnataka Sanskrit Varsity.

Karnataka Sanskrit University (KSU) is a State University established in 2010, to guide/protect/grow the interest of classical and contemporary Samskrit studies. With 2 University Campuses, 10 aided affiliated colleges and 9 unaided affiliated colleges along with 354 recognized Sanskrit Pathashalas; it is one of the largest Karnataka State instituted organizations to protect and promote Samskrit study in the state. KSU has established the Directorate of Sanskrit education to take care of pre-university education in Karnataka, as well.

Main University campus right in the heart of Bangalore City, housed within the Jayachamara Pathashala Heritage building, KSU has given samskrit enthusiasts an opportunity to study classical Indian thought. It has the potential, to encourage and promote better understanding of Ancient Indian Thought for generations to come. An important and sacred possibility to serve the society with samskrit studies will be lost to thousands of current and future students, under the current situation. 


Systematic corruption in appointments of Permanent Samskrit Faculty in the University Departments, Degree colleges and Pathashalas are apparent. In recent times, thanks to RTI act, following videos have surfaced, which prove the inherent corruption in the faculty appointment programs without a doubt. Here are the Videos:

Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Padma Shekhar, has been key in these efforts to Undermine Samskrit, at KSU. It is obvious from the videos that the VC has no respect or enthusiasm for Samskrit as a language and the corpus of scientific/artistic/historic/etc. literature in it. One can conclude that, these are a few ways in which the VC is seen to go about her tasks; with a systematic effort to undermine the very purpose of the institution.

• Departmental Reservation Candidature not maintained. No outlined procedure to determine appointment under reservation.
• No objective merit requirement for reservation and non-reservation candidates.
• Appointed candidates while showing poor academic scores always perform amazingly (over 95%) in recruitment written tests. (Candidates are preselected for appointments with a leak in question and answer keys)
• Over 75% of newly appointed assistant Professors are unable to construct a sentence with even five words in samskrit, or attempt to purport a stanza or complex line without help.
• The VC and team (including Finance Officer, Section Officer etc.) conducted 200+ appointments in Pathashalas and affiliated colleges
• Syndicate meetings for confirming the appointments have been conducted in the very next day of the interview, and almost all candidates joined on the same day of the meeting as if they had been informed well in advance.
• VC appointed 3 Assistant Librarians recently without having a University Library on the campus.
• Intentional appointments of only junior staff to Assistant Professor positions. Quality teaching and critical emphasis on the merit of PhD research cannot be expected, with most of the Departments headed by non-experienced non-through faculty.

Given these circumstances, we request the Honorable Governor of the State of Karnataka to conduct a thorough enquiry into the affaires of KSU. For the sake of Samskrit Education, for the sake of upholding our great civilizational achievements and values we need an academically strong KSU at the heart of Silicon Valley of India. Respected Governor, we kindly request you to look up the matter with utmost urgency and diligence. Please re-examine the newly appointed teachers, before confirming/continuing them.

We also like to inform the HRD Ministry of the same, requesting the Honourable Ministry to uphold the need and status pertaining to Samskrit Education.

Samskrit studies is the bedrock of Indian Civilizational Ethos is undeniable. Blemish to Samskrit Study Efforts is robbing the current and future generations of this great nation (civilization) of its past and future.

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Personal story
Being a Samskrit Lover and Student, its impossible for me to see such blatant undermining efforts. It directly and indirectly bears on my own enthusiasm and learning. The potential of the University is undermined and opportunities for current and future Samskrit-study enthusiasts lost.