Justice for a puppy

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This is about a little puppy who was cruelly killed! As the story goes, a farmer took a puppy he considered sickly and dying to town and gave it to a child whose father is a teacher! The child gave it to his father who took it to school and put the puppy in a container of water which also contained a snapping turtle! The turtle pulled the puppy under water and proceeded to eat it alive! This was in a classroom of children! He apparently was charged with animal abuse, which he was found not guilty three days ago! It was a known fact he did indeed imhumanely cause the death of the puppy! He stated he was being humane! Considering he did put the puppy in the water and allowed it to be eaten alive, I would consider that cruel, inhumane, abusive and horrendous! He poor puppy never even had a name, not  taken to a vet, just killed! That this happened in a classroom, with children watching, is beyound my comprehension! The man, Robert Crosland, should have at least lost his job and his license to teach!