Change the name of Indian Head Highway and the Town of Indian Head

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For centuries the Native American community has been the victim of  discrimination from the general public , including the naming of a Town and Highway. There are many stories and reasons behind the naming of both, however we, the members of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe, whose ancestral lands include both this highway and town are asking for both to be changed. Both are discriminatory to Native Americans in general, and we will no longer tolerate it. There is no other race that has had to prove who they are except Native Americans nor any other race that includes something with their body part in the name of the street, road or highway. Whether or not you believe that our sisters and brother's heads were decapitated and placed on posts along the side of the road, the name is discriminatory at best and a demonstration of the slaughter of our people at worst. 

The time is now! We are asking for all Maryland politicians and the public at-large to do the right thing and support this change.

Since these are our ancestral lands, we are suggesting Piscataway or Pascattoway Highway, similarly The Town of Indian should be changed to the Town of Pascattoway.