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Governor John Kitzhaber, State of Oregon: Delist the Canadian Gray Wolf in Oregon

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The Canadian Gray Wolf has spread into Oregon, destroying private property, spreading disease to elk, deer, domestic dogs, and cattle, harming the financial status of numerous ranchers by the killing of cattle, and the economy of several counties. This sub-species of wolf was introduced as an experiment in the states of Montana and Idaho by the Federal Wildlife Services Agency, under the guise of helping the ecosystems from damage. This was not the native species of wolf who occupied the plains in the 1800's, but a much bigger wolf that travels in large packs and can take down full grown large bison, elk, moose and deer. Instead of controlling elk herds in Yellowstone by issuing tags to hunters to keep the numbers manageable and provide meat for many families who need a good source of protein, they chose to allow these wolves free access to run down large game animals until they are exhausted, whereupon the wolves begin ripping out chunks of flesh before the animal even goes down and dies. Many times, a fetus is ripped out of the females and eaten while the mother lies in anguish, unable to move, until she dies. This is the way they hunt. Wolves are not the nice canine that many people make them out to be. This is their nature, and they were extirpated in the 1800's for a reason. The land is no longer wild wilderness with no impact on anything other than animals. The west is not as populated as the eastern states, but wolves have caused distress and major loss to many ranchers of sheep and cattle since being listed by the Feds. The states were then all advised to prepare plans to "manage" this sub-species in their individual states. If they had brought back the original timber wolf (sub-species of animals are listed ALL THE TIME!) there would have been no problem. That wolf has a different set of prey animals that they naturally eat on, NOT including elk, cattle and bison! They will take down deer and smaller mammals such as rabbits, but they are generally not known for running in large packs and taking down large animals. In fact, the few timber wolves remaining are indeed endangered and are only known to be in northwestern Washington state. If the Canadian grays find them, and they will as they spread across Washington as they are now doing, they will annihilate the smaller wolf, which is absolutely contrary to the Endangered Species Act!
We are confident that the introduction of the Canadian gray wolf (who is NOT endangered,being that there are thousands in Canada and other northern countries), was not intended to help control elk populations, but to financially ruin ranchers and move them off the land. The real agenda is to build nature corridors so that animal species will have free rein of the land to move about without human presence. The problem with that is that the small communities which the ranchers support, will close down and there will be no access to lodging, food or fuel for anyone who wants to venture close to where the wolves and other wild animals roam. The idea is to let them live with no human presence, but they want to come here and "eco-tour" and look for a view of a wolf, totally contrary to their vision of a wilderness!!
The economy of the west will slowly fail. Will it only be when there are food shortages that those in charge will wake up?
Please support our efforts to delist the Canadian gray wolf in Oregon and give us the ability to keep them out of our herds and off our private land.

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