Safe & Inclusive Delaware Communities

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Safe & Inclusive Delaware Communities

 We ask Delaware’s Governor, John Carney, to declare Delaware a Safe and Inclusive Community implementing policies and procedures for state, local, and campus police and other state officials, that:

1.     use police resources to fight crime, not separate families. Ensures that Sheriff departments and state, local and campus police don’t participate in immigration enforcement activities, including inquiries, investigations, raids, arrests or detentions that are based solely on immigration status.

2.    do not direct resources toward aiding Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, or to target or question residents about their immigration status. This includes arresting , detaining, transporting, or informing immigrants without a signed judicial warrant.

3.    prohibits agreements with DHS that deputize local officers as immigration agents

4.    requires all police departments to properly process U visas and T visas

5.    keeps all immigrant data, including data from driver’s privilege cards, confidential without sharing such data with federal agents or agencies or any federal or state registry program based on national origin, religion, or other protected characteristics.

Community Concerns

In counties of Delaware we have seen an alarming withdrawal of immigrants from the public due to a recent elevated fear of deportation.  Fewer are attending English and computer courses, fewer engaging in public library programs, and school functions. 

 Young children anxiety and trauma has grown with concern about the possible deportation of their parents.

 There is a heightened reluctance for immigrants to report crime and to come to the aid of others who might be victimized when their immigration status might be questioned.  They also stay “below the radar”, and may not get proper medical attention, which could accelerate disease outbreaks.

Why is a Safe & Inclusive Community Policy Important?

1.    It is important for the safety of communities to have police and civil policies that do not waste valuable resources on immigration enforcement that should be applied to keeping all residents safe.

2.    It is further key to let everyone in the community know that it is not the policy or action of the city or police to identify, investigate or detain any person solely on the basis of a suspected violation of immigration law.  This will help alleviate anxiety and re-engage immigrants in the community.

 What Benefits can we expect from such policy?

●     A Safe Communities policy ensures state and local agencies stay separate from immigration enforcement in order to build trust and cooperation with immigrant populations

●     Lower Crime Rates - The Police Executive Research Forum found that local areas that stayed away from immigration enforcement had lower crime rates because all residents were more trusting of law enforcement.

●     Stronger Economies - Another study from the University of California found that cities that refused to engage in immigration enforcement had “higher household incomes, lower rates of unemployment, lower rates of poverty, and were less likely to have children under 18 in households receiving public benefits.”

●     Reduced Burden on Taxpayers - Having law enforcement involved in federal immigration enforcement can expose local police to civil liability and shift resources away from investigating local crimes.