Prevention of fires from lit Cigarettes being thrown from cars

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Devastating fires are sweeping our state. Leaving Deaths and destruction in its course. Loss of Homes,Belonging, Pets, Sense of Security. Terrible Air quality for all.

Many of these fires are started by smokers in cars flicking their lit cigarettes out of the window.

Everyone has the right to smoke or not smoke. If you want to smoke while driving the Cigarette should be inside the car at all times with windows either partially up or closed. 

It is law that no one can smoke in a car when there are minors in the car. So that should not be an excuse why people hang lit cigarettes out the window.

If you dont like the smoke or smell in your car, than just dont smoke in your car.

There are laws already on the books that prohibit you from holding  lit cigarettes out the window while you are driving .

Let's band together and call for much higher fines and stronger enforcement of this law.

We need to petition to raise the fine to several thousand dollars based on past and current fires causing millions in loss and family disruption.

Let's together try to eliminate ONE of the reason we have so many devastating fires