Governor Jerry Brown - FREE THE FERRETS!

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"Individuals who have been convicted of a crime in California may apply to the Governor for a gubernatorial pardon."

From the office of Governor Jerry Brown.

But the ferrets have never been convicted of a crime. They've never even had a hearing! All they've had is a vague concept in Jerry Brown's (and others) mind that ferrets pose a problem. We find this occasionally in older generations who have not had experience with ferrets.

But younger people; those who've been around to see ferrets as pets have a better understanding of what a pet ferret is all about. 

These are not the wild animals portrayed by the California Fish and Game Commission or the Sierra Club of old. These are playful, loving and lovable house pets legally allowed in 48 states without issue or harm.

We in California want the same thing. But when Assemblyman Rocky Chavez asked Governor Brown's legislative aids about introducing a ferret legalization bill, he was told:

The reason this bill has not gone forward in years past is Governor Brown has said he would VETO the bill upon arrival to his desk. Apparently, members in the past sessions have approached the subject and received the same line from the Governor. 

Obviously, this just isn't right. We want Governor Brown to open his mind and his heart and Free the California ferrets before he leaves office.


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