Rename SKUAST-Jammu to Sri Bawa Jitto Agriculture University, Jammu

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SKUAST stands for Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu.

As now SKUAST-Jammu is an independent entity and no more an Extension of SKUAST-Kashmir, it should have it’s own Brand name that gives it an affable stature with the region that it represents i.e. Jammu. Sher-e-Kashmir is more affable to Kashmir Division of our State of Jammu & Kashmir and undermines the people of Jammu Region.

I would propose SKUAST-Jammu to be renamed after Bawa Jitto who’s a revered historical personality of our region and was a Farmer too and worshipped across the region, Castes, Creeds, Classes.

Bawa Jitto, sacrificed his life against Injustice, in-equality, Jealousy and not only stands for the Farm Produce BUT for development of Agriculture as he Tilled “The Barren Land”

In name of Bawa Jitto and Bua Kori, I humbly request all the Dogras, Paharis, Gujjars, Bakkarwals etc. to support the cause of renaming the SKUAST-Jammu in respect of Bawa Jitto.

It would be a Great Tribute to Bawa Jitto seeking his blessings for a better future of Agriculture & Agro Technology in our region.

Jai Bawe Di