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Restore some or all Additional State Aid for Tax Relief (ASATR)

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  We are requesting your help on behalf of our state's  most vulnerable citizens: our children. As constituents, taxpayers, concerned Texas residents,  and parents of Texas public school children, we are to express our grave concerns regarding educational priorities to be readdressed during the 85th Legislative Special Session. We request that you take immediate action to mitigate the pending negative impact to our state's educational system.

   As you know, the Legislature pushed Chapter 41 schools over the fiscal cliff by allowing Additional State Aid for Tax Relief (ASATR) funding to expire. Our last hope is for the legislature to take action to restore some or all of our ASATR funding and view the Recapture all together during the upcoming special session set to begin.

  We appreciate the consideration taken to include five educational priorities in the upcoming special session to include Recapture for public schools. Although both houses of the Legislature this past session proposed legislative remedies to compensate for the September 2017 expiration of ASATR funding, unrelated conflicts between both chambers kept this legislation from passing. Governor, Representatave, Senator, your attention and help is greatly appreciated in this matter.

  If not addressed, the experation of ASATR funding will be devasting to our students at our local school district, San Isidro ISD. Districts such as ours face layoffs, important programs will be discontinued, facilities, will be shut-down, and the entire school district is at risk of shutting its doors. San Isidro ISD is a very small, rural district in South Texas, 36 to 48 miles minimum from any other town or any other school district. San Isidro ISD is a Texas Education Agency Region One school district located in Starr County, Texas. Our SchoolDistrict encompasses 275 square miles of our rural farming community centered around  San Isidro, TX. San Isidro ISD currently serves 263+ students K-12th grade. Without our school, our town will cease to exist.

  The Texas Education Agency (TEA) estimates that our school district will only lose roughly half of what we're actually on track to lose. They base this on the notion that property values across the state have risen significantly,  but ours actually dropped. Over the last five years, our property values have dropped a total of 30% and our enrollment fluctuates. San Isidro ISD is a great public school in a private school setting and has been able to transform lives for a number of years working with very little. We boast state UIL academic champions, various athletic state and regional qualifiers, as well as, 0% drop out rate, and a 100% graduation rate of students, most going into higher education pathways. San Isidro  ISD has produced 12 Texas Superintendents which demostrates a high commitment to education members to society predominantly in Texas.

  We implore you to please work with Lt. Governor Patrick and Legialators to fins a common ground to reassess ASATR and Recapture all together. Without a viable solution, our students, school, and our community, and many other districts like us throughout the state, will unnecessarily suffer the consequences. 

Thank you for you consideration,

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