Remove W. Brett Wilson from the Order of Canada Advisory Council

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W. Brett Wilson has shown a shocking disrespect for Canada's democratic traditions. Recently he tweeted that he would like to organize a project to bribe members of Parliament to change their political parties. His exact words were:

"Idea - am thinking we should just pay a couple of folks from #PremierHorgan @NDP team to cross the floor & give power back to the people of #BritishColumbia I am in for $10,000. Should almost be enough eh? DM me to arrange."


"Not paying for votes - just looking at bribing two MLA’s to cross the floor and get Canada’s energy economy back firing on all cylinders."

A millionaire climate change denier who believes that bribery is the right way to resolve political differences should not be working with Canada's Governor General (the ultimate backstop of our democracy) to decide which Canadians are worthy of the Order of Canada. 

This is not the first time that Brett Wilson has tried to throw his money around to influence public policy, either. In 2015, Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch said that Wilson was "trying to influence a decision with an offer [money for the Calgary library] and the offer causes the conflict of interest for all the [Calgary City] councillors". Democracy Watch said Wilson should withdraw the offer, but he did not.

Please replace Brett Wilson on the Order of Canada Advisory Council.